April Favourites

This is just a quick post to share a few things that I have loved in the past month. However this time I have split them into the five categories that I have on the blog…


I watched the trailer for The Greatest Showman ages ago before it was even released in the Cinema and I was desperate to watch the full film! However I didn’t get around to watching it in time and before I knew it I was too late, so I had to wait for it to be released in the UK on DVD which felt like FOREVER to happen. I had only heard great things about it which made me want to watch it even more, but as they say some things are worth the wait and this definitely was! I downloaded it the second it came available on the Sky Store and watched it everyday for the next four days… I know I’m sad but it’s just so good and the songs are so catchy! I now even have the soundtrack album on my phone which I play far too often as I noticed even Adrian knows the words without watching the film! It’s a great story about what happens when you get greedy and take things for granted. This has defiantly made my top 5 film list so give it a watch if you haven’t already!

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Food & Fitness

One of my new year’s resolutions was to keep up a consistent fitness routine and so far this year I have been doing a pretty good job of sticking to it! I recently ran a 10K in Hyde Park so I downloaded the Runkeeper App on my phone to track my runs whilst training for it so I could keep a record on how far I was running and at what times. There are so many different Apps out there that do the same thing, I simply chose this one as it had good reviews on the App Store and seemed easy to use! The thing I like the most is that you can change the setting to have the speaker (if you chose to have one) speak to you and give you updates. I chose to have a summary of my run every 5mins in Kilometres so I know what my average pace is and how far I have run so far. The character I chose is great fun as it gives you fun encouraging comments to keep you going, one of my fav of his sayings is “keep going there is an ice cream shop on the corner” but there are various different voices you can have! So if you are a pro runner or a beginner I think this app will be great app to use when training to help you keep track.

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When Adrian and I were in Paris I brought a small poster in the gift shop at the Arc De Triomphe of the view from the top and it came in a rolled up tube. I haven’t got round to getting a frame for it yet but as I wanted to flatten it out from the rolled up packaging, I simple put it behind a few books on my bookshelf for the time being, and I actually quite like the look of it there as I have a few random things on my bookshelf next to my books! I love getting little souvenirs like this to put around the house, as every time I pass them it makes me smile and reminds me of fun trips we’ve had!

Home & Interiors

Last year we had the garden renovated and I just love it outside now, I sit out there every night when it is warm! So when we had the heatwave a few weekends ago we spent the day in the garden and had a tidy up as it had got a bit dirty and scruffy through the winter so now it’s all ready to go for the summer! We de-weeded,

jet washed and I took a trip to the garden centre to buy new plants, herbs and vegetable plants! We tried and succeeded at growing tomatoes in our flower beds last year so we are going to try a few this time and see how we get on. We have normal tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, chillies, cucumbers and courgette plants! I am so excited to see how they grow so if they turn out well I will let you know…


Hair, Beauty & Fashion

This night time cream by M&S was actually a recommendation from my mum as a lady she works with said it’s the best thing since sliced bread! So when I went home to my parents for the weekend a few weeks ago I tried it out and see if the hype was real and… it is! During the winter months I always get a small area of dry skin (eczema type) around my nose which always clears up as it gets warmer but during the winter months no matter what products I use it never cleared it up 100%. This stuff cleared it up completely within one use and kept it gone for a few days! So I went straight to my local store to purchase a pot for myself and have been using it every other night and I have really noticed a difference in my skin!

M&S Review from their website: “Look like you’ve had eight hours’ sleep, even when you haven’t with the beauty phenomenon everyone’s talking about – Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream. Supercharged with anti-wrinkle peptides, moisturising hyaluronic acid and skin-brightening actives, our fatigue-fighting dream cream transforms fine lines, pigmentation and slackening of the skin in just four weeks.” Read more here ]

Its going to be a must have in my skincare routine going forward and I have just found out they have a day cream version too that I am going to pick up next time I’m there!

Thank you for reading!

Love From

Chloe x



  1. May 17, 2018 / 8:45 pm

    I love your post from the Arc de Triomphe! I’m so bad at getting things framed, I just never get around to it, so I’m definitely much more the type to just stick things up like a poster and leave it like that, haha. Also your little garden is so cute! And I’m sure it’ll be even nicer when all your veggies start to grow and you can eat them!


    • Chloe Louise
      May 26, 2018 / 11:20 am

      Haha im exactly the same, I bet I never get around to framing it! Ahh thank you we are so pleased with it! It is such a little sun trap too so I’m hoping the veggies do well this year 🙂 Thank you for reading! x

  2. Elena Isabelle
    May 13, 2018 / 6:03 pm

    everyone seems to be obsessed with the greatest showman and i haven’t seen it yet. i need to make up and finally watch it.


    • Chloe Louise
      May 13, 2018 / 7:05 pm

      It’s honestly soooo good!!! Let me know what you think once you’ve watched it 🙂 x

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