Five Must Watch Series on Netflix

Nothing makes me happier than opening Netflix and actually having something to watch. If I am not already committed to a series (some programmes are lengthy and require serious commitments to complete) I can spend SO LONG scrolling, just looking for something to take my fancy. Especially when you and your partner have to agree on the same thing… things get even harder! Most of the time we can never decide, give up and google what to watch.

I love watching something that you never want to end… when it is past your bedtime but you contemplate if you should watch just onemore to see what happens? Do you ever have that feeling when you finish an amazing series that it makes you jealous of people who haven’t seen it before, because you love it so much you want to experience it all again for the first time?

Prepare to get all the above feels with the following…

(Rated in order of favourite)


1. Peaky blinders

I must admit gangster programmes were not really my thing, I used to go for the cute happy ending films that make you “aww” until Adrian made me watch this and now I love them! It is based around The Shelby’s, a gangster family in Birmingham after World War One, starting off with them running an illegal betting shop. It shows them facing all the rivals they come across (and defeat) on their way from the bottom to the top of the gangster chain. It is so gripping and jaw dropping that I am pretty sure Adrian and I watched the entire four series in record time! For me it is a must watch as I could never guess what was going to happen and I loved all the surprises along the way. Plus I love the soundtrack throughout all the episodes, the way the director has filmed it and the main character Tommy’s bright blue eyes…

Rating: 4.8/5 stars

5 Words in summary: Would definitely watch this again


2. Stranger Things

Another one Adrian made me watch, although this one took him some time to convince me! He showed me the trailer when it was first released and I got an alien type vibe from it and just outright said no, not my type of thing. Oh what I fool I was as, this show is genius! Once the second series got released there was a huge hype everywhere about how good it is, Topshop even released (and quickly sold out) a clothing range on it which had me intrigued so I agreed to watch the very first episode with no intention of finishing the series. All the drama starts when a young boy named Will goes missing and his mum starts an investigation into his disappearance. However the more they search for answers, the more they discover… secret government experiments, an alternate world and a very unique little girl. This series will lake you laugh, cry and gasp. I could not wait to watch more once we started!

Rating: 4.7/5 stars

5 Words in summary: Counting down for season three


3. The Sinner

I was recommended to watch this one by someone at work and I LOVED it, it made me so excited to get home from work every night just so I can find out what happened! But before we talk about the actual show, hats off to Jessica Biel what an amazing actress! I can’t recall ever seeing any of her work before but I thought she absolutely smashed this acting role! She stars as the main character, a seemingly normal mum who randomly attacks a stranger on the beach one summers day, having no idea why she did it… yes, I know it seems very strange and unbelievable but give it a chance, because once they start digging deep into her past through counselling it all gets revealed! It isn’t a very long series so you can get through it relatively quick but, if you are anything like me the suspense and the need to find out what happens will have you staying up way past your bedtime to keep watching!

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

5 Words in summary: Now a Jessica Biel fan


4. Suits

I only started watching this as I kept seeing it mentioned in the press as our new princess to be Meghan Markle was a main character and it had me curious to what she was like! I had the whole first series downloaded on my IPad when I was stuck in a car for 12 hours in traffic back in January (can read about that here) so with nothing else to do I soon made my way through them all! It is such a relatable programme and I instantly fell in love with all the characters, sassy Donna is defiantly my favourite! It is based around a college dropout named Mike who lands himself a job with one of the best lawyer firms in NYC despite not having the correct qualifications. So as the show continues and the friendships develop, so does the risk of Mike getting caught for not being properly qualified for his role…

Rating: 4.3/5 stars

5 Words in summary: Donna, be my friend please?


5. Gilmore Girls

After randomly clicking on this hungover one day I instantly loved it as it was such a fun and easy show to watch! It is a real girlie programme about a mum and her teenage daughter living in a small American town that have a super close relationship going through all the typical teenage dramas, boyfriend, jobs & school problems. Full of witty one liners you will find yourself having a good chuckle throughout! They also recently released a new series nearly a decade after the last finale about where their lives are now which is also fun to watch.

Rating: 4.1/5 stars

5 Words in summary: Fun, easy to watch show



If you try any of the above please let me know what you thought of them!

Thank you for reading

Love from,

Chloé x


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