Day Date In Kensington

With a Saturday free and  the forecast looking promisingly warm, Adrian and I decided to spend the day in London. For a while now I have wanted to go to the National History Museum as I have never been! So we got to London for midday, our train takes us to Charing Cross Station which is about an hours walk from the museum so we jumped in a cab. It was about 25 mins drive as there was a lot of weekend traffic, so we sat back and took in all the sights as we went. I always think to myself when I’m in London, yes the tube is the quickest transport but you miss out on looking at all the beautiful places along the way, especially on a nice sunny day!

We were a bit taken back by the size of the queue to get in… however even though it looked like it would take hours to get in, it moved so quick! In the end it only took us five minutes, result! (If you didn’t know the museum is free to enter and roam). Considering the amount of people there, once we were in it didn’t even feel too busy, the place is so big there’s plenty of space for everyone!

I felt like a kid again, walking around in amazement pointing at everything to Adrian… “omg look at that” “wow have you seen this”. Even the building itself is beautiful with so much detailing, everywhere you look there’s something to look at and a piece of information to learn.

We spent over 3 hours wandering through all the rooms and stopping to look at the gift shop and a quick coffee break. I learnt everything from human evolution, space, dinosaurs and the ocean! I must admit the dinosaur section was by far my favourite bit!

As we were nearing the closing time we left and wandered down the road until we found a nice little pub to have a few drinks in before dinner. We managed to catch the end of the grand national, not that we had any bets on but there was a good atmosphere around the pub and it was fun watching people getting excited as they thought they had a chance of winning!

From there we went to Hawksmoor which was just around the corner for dinner, Hawksmoor is one of our favourite restaurants so I had been looking forward to this all day! If you ever go, you MUST try their mac & cheese. It’s out of this world! So good that we have their recipe book at home, which gives the special recipe away… I’m going to try and make it soon!

So over all it was such a lovely day, I can’t recommend the National History Museum enough! It’s great for all ages, free to enter with so much to do and see, it really does tick all the boxes!

Have you even been? If so, what was your favourite bit? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Thank you for reading!

Love from,

Chloé x



    • Chloe Louise
      April 25, 2018 / 4:06 pm

      It really is a fun place to go! Xx

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