Five Tips On: Packing for a short break

A few years ago I graduated to adulthood and took over the role of packing from my darling Mother. I wont lie and say I have nailed it… there has been a few occasions where I either majorly over packed to the point of getting a ‘HEAVY’ luggage sticker slapped on my case with a cartoon image of a man holding his back… yes this really did happen! To forgetting the little but really important things like underwear… yes not only once but twice I managed to forget my knickers.

It’s a good job one of my favourite quotes in life is learn from your mistakes and make a list. Just kidding, this isn’t really a quote (it should be) but I have learnt to always make a list, no matter how long or short… ALWAYS MAKE A LIST!

1. Start with a small bag

I have learnt that you pack to fit your case, not find a case to fit your clothes. Let me explain. If you make a pile of everything you want to take away with you and then look for a case/bag to fit it all in things can get out of control… you will literally end up with your entire bedroom in a neat pile waiting to be packed away. So get out your chosen luggage which is practical, light weight & fits in with any cabin bag restrictions and place on your bed, grab your life saving, pre-written checklist & tick the items off as you pack.

2. Try on your outfits before you go

There isn’t anything worse than packing what you think will look like a nice outfit, then getting dressed when your away and not liking it…because then your screwed and have nothing else to wear. So I always make sure I try on all my outfits for each day/night so I’m happy with what I have. Plus this also stops the “oh I will take this and that just in case” which will help with point one about over packing.

3. Reuse and limit

This links in well with point two when planning your outfits, try and plan around one pair of jeans or shoes that you can wear all weekend. If you are just having a short weekend break do you really need four pairs of shoes and 3 pairs of jeans?! NO. I limit myself to one pair of comfy trainers for the day time then a smarter shoe for the evening. So basing my outfits of the shoes I pick I can normally get away with the same jeans for the day times. Also on the plus side… it makes choosing outfits much easier as sometimes too many options make me so indecisive!

4. Take what’s on offer

Check with your hotel first but 99% of hotels will have a hairdryer and small shampoo and conditioners ready and waiting in your room. So forget about your trusty hairdryer and big shampoo bottles that will probably be 100 times better that the tiny hotel version but… for one weekend I am sure you can cope! If you have fresh hair for the day you go… you should on need to use it them once anyway! Worse case scenario you can buy some toiletries from a local supermarket once you are there to save space in your case.

5. Electronics

When it comes to electronics take an all in one. Do you really need to pack a book to read on the plane/train, a pack of cards for fun plus your tablet for a film and then your laptop (if you need it) AND of course your phone? I have learnt to now only take my phone (standard) plus my tablet, which I have learnt to use wisely…

– Whenever I travel I make sure I have a book with me to read and although I do prefer to read an actual book, (nothing beats a fresh new book) when I go away I do cave in a download an Ebook to my Kindle app to read which save space and weight in my bag

– As well as having a book to read its also handy to have a travel guide downloaded and any additional extra books you need for the weekend all in one place just a click away

– Games… I also love to play card games when I travel to make the journey go quicker so I always make sure I have a few game apps downloaded, again it’s good to have it all in one place!

I hope this helps for the next time you have a short break to pack for.

Thanks for reading!

Love from,

Chloé x


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