New Mini Library

I recently found myself with two dilemmas… 

  1. What should I do with the space at the top of the stairs (the stairs that lead to the loft conversion)
  2. Where can I store my growing book collection

So what did I do? Combined them together! I decided to turn the spare space into a mini library.

I found some super cheap plain white bookcases from Ikea which were so easy to put together, it literally only took me 20 minutes to do each one! (find bookcase here) The space allowed me to fit in two bookcases, I really wanted to add a little chair and lamp as a reading area too but the space just wasn’t big enough. So I brought a huge indoor plant instead fill in the space, I’ve named her Betty 🙂

I am so pleased with it, its made the space so much nicer to look at and it is so practical too! 

Now I am just on the look out for a few cool photos I can hang up to finish it off! Also now I have the perfect excuse to buy more books to fill up the shelves…

Here are the before and after photos…


Thank you for reading!

Love From,

Chloé x


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