Five Goals For 2018…

It wouldn’t be the end of another year if you haven’t already set yourself some New Year goals! Now while I try not to be a ‘New Year, New Me’ type of person (because that never normally lasts for me past week 1) I do try to set myself a few realistic goals which will help make the new year a happy and enjoyable one…

1) Spend more time blogging

It has almost been 2 months since this blog went live and I have enjoyed it so much. From the very beginning where I finally decided to start it all after a year of wanting to, from working out how to even create a website! I have lots of posts planned for the New Year and I can’t wait to share them all with you. I’m also going to try and up my photography game for the blog to make it more visual and exciting. Photography in general is something I just love to do anyway so I want to get good at it! I love how every photo holds a special memory, my favourite thing to do is to look back at all my photos throughout the years. So keep your eyes peeled in for new posts in 2018 as I plan to spend more time sharing what I get up to with you all…

2) Tick a destination off my Bucket List

If you haven’t read my very first blog post then give it a quick read here where you can learn all about my destination bucket list. I have a very long list of places I wish to visit (some more adventurous than others) I plan to tick at least one of these off in 2018!

3) Have a consistent fitness routine

I really enjoy going to the gym and working out as it leaves me feeling so much better about myself, not just physically but it mentally puts me in a better mood. However I tend to go a bit overboard on the lead up to a summer holiday then have a few weeks off and kind of float in and out of it during the winter months. So this year I plan to keep a consistent fitness plan throughout the year rather than chopping and changing how often I go. I know that some months are going to be busier than others, but over all I just want to make a conscious effort to keep my routine more consistent! Another fitness related change while we are on the subject is to get back into running. Back in 2013 I signed myself up to a half marathon; even though I had no running or fitness experience (at this point I didn’t even have a gym membership). So as I had 5 months to prepare I started running around my neighbourhood every other night after work to build up my distance. By the time it came to actually running the race I was really enjoying running 10 miles 3 nights a week! But as the race ended so did all my running, and I blamed it on not having the time… but 2018 I am going to make time!!

4) Learn a new cooking skill

Since moving out I have learnt so much about cooking and baking and discovered a whole new love for it all which has led me to experiment with various different types of cooking styles. However I would love to attend a real cooking workshop or class to learn the basics of a new skill or style of cooking from a pro! I’m thinking maybe a Mediterranean class where you learn how to make amazing marinades or sauces from scratch, or even a sushi workshop as I have only recently started taking a liking to Sushi and would love to learn more! I also think it’ll be fun to try this out with a friend or family member as a little day date!

5) Explore London more

Considering we only live 30 mins away from London (by train) I hardly ever organise day/nights out in the city. I also work in the city but never explore further than the little area I work in. So one thing I would like to try and do in 2018 is make the most of the City whilst its on our doorstep as it might not always be as accessible and there’s so many fun places to explore. It’s also a great excuse to spend more time with loved ones and get out and about! I have started to make a list of all the cool places I want to visit… I will keep you posted!

2017 you have been amazing but I can’t wait for what 2018 has to bring…

Thank you for reading

Love From,

Chloé x


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  1. JKC
    December 28, 2017 / 10:15 pm

    Loving your “2018” goals let’s hope you achieve them all x
    With lots of luv JKC xxx

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