Five Lunch Ideas For Work


During the week I try to make my lunches as healthy as possible! I always make them the night before as I find that if I have to go out to get food on my lunch break, I always get tempted to buy snacks while I’m there so prepping my lunches prevents this from happening! 

Sometimes I struggle with what to make as it feels like I eat the same thing over and over again! So if you are struggling to find some healthy lunch inspo, here is an example of my weekly lunch plan…

Monday – Falafel, Feta & Pumpkin seed salad 

Ingredients (for 1 Person):

  • 4 Falafel balls 
  • 1/4 Pack of feta cheese 
  • 1 Small romaine lettuce 
  • Handful of raw spinach leaves
  • Handful of rocket leave
  • 1/2 Red pepper
  • 1/4 Cucumber
  • 3 Spring onions 
  • Sea salt & pepper 
  • Balsamic glaze
  • Handful of pumpkin seeds 
  • Cherry tomatoes 

As you can see, I like my main base to have a mixture of leaves, plain lettuce just bores me! I also just love spinach and try to eat it as often as possible! This is a quick & easy chuck it all in a box type of salad and can be easily adapted if you are a vegan or are dairy intolerable (switch the feta cheese for an alternative)


  1. Roughly chop the small romaine lettuce. Chuck this in your box along with the spinach and rocket leaves. Salad base done.
  2. Chop the red pepper, cucumber & spring onions in small chunks and scatter on top of your salad base
  3.  Cut the Cherry tomatoes in half and place on the salad
  4. Sprinkle the handful of pumpkin seeds on top 
  5. Season all over with sea salt and pepper
  6. Cut the falafel balls in half or quarters (depending on their size). Also cut the feta cheese into small squares. Place the both on top of your salad as the main yummy feature!
  7. Finally, give the salad a coating of balsamic glaze and voila, done! 

TIP: If I make this the night before, I wait and add the sauce before I eat it as this prevents the salad going soggy!

Tuesday – Tuna, Sweetcorn, Onion & Edamame bean salad 

Ingredients (for 1 Person):

  • 1 Tin of tuna
  • 1 Small tin sweetcorn 
  • Light mayo
  • Handful of edamame beans
  • 2 Handful of spinach leaves 
  • 1/4 fresh red onion
  • Handful salad seeds
  • Cherry tomatoes


  1. Wash and dry the spinach leaves and place them in your box as the salad base
  2. Add in the edamame beans 
  3. Chop the red onion into small chunks & add to the salad
  4. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and place on top
  5. Sprinkle the salad with the salad seeds 
  6. In a bowl mix together the tuna, sweetcorn with some light mayo (like a sandwich filler) and add onto the top of the salad, done! Although its not the best looking of salads it tastes sooooo good!

TIP: I always find plain edamame beans are hard to buy, however I recently discovered that Tesco do a huge bag in their frozen section! It so easy to pour a few out and just let them defrost in a bowl of water (I like them raw and crunchy)

Wednesday – Wholemeal Green Pasta

Ingredients (for 1 Person):

  • Wholemeal pasta (I’m too lazy to measure how much I use, I just guess and chuck some in a pan)
  • Green pesto sauce, you can make you own if you have time!
  • 4 Asparagus tips
  • 1/2 courgette 
  • Handful Spinach leaves 
  • 1 Chicken Breast 
  • 1/2 red onion 
  • Fry light cooking spray


  1. Boil the pasta on the hob until cooked
  2. Cut the Asparagus and courgette into mouth size pieces and cook (I use a steam machine, but you can boil or cook them however you normally cook your veg)
  3. Cut the Chicken breast into small chunks and cook in a pan on the hob with a few sprays of fry light 
  4. Chop the red onion into small squares and cook them until they are soft in a small pan
  5. Once everything has cooked, chuck it all into one bowl and mix in the pesto sauce (as much or as little sauce as you like)
  6. Wash and dry the spinach and place to one side of your box & then place the pasta mix to the other side, then your done! I don’t like a whole lunchbox of just pasta, so thats why I add the spinach!

TIP: If you are feeling tired after work this is a great meal to make as dinner with enough to have leftovers for lunch the next day, which save making two meals!

Thursday – Garlic Salmon, Veggies & Couscous

Ingredients (for 1 Person):

  • 1 Salmon Fillet
  • 3 garlic cloves 
  • Half a lemon
  • Couscous (flavoured packet or plain)
  • Sea salt & pepper
  • Pinch or 2 of chopped fresh mint (if using plain couscous)
  • 3 broccoli florets 
  • Handful of peas 


  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees 
  2. Place the salmon on some tin foil on a baking tray 
  3. Use a garlic miner and mine the garlic cloves
  4. Spread the minced garlic on top of the salmon
  5. Cut the lemon in half a squeeze 1 part over the salmon, then place the salmon into the oven until cooked all the way through
  6. Cook the broccoli and peas as preferred (steam or boil)
  7. Cook the couscous as per the packet if buying a pre-made flavoured version. If not cook the plain couscous as per instructions and mix in the fresh chopped mint & season with salt and pepper
  8. Once the salmon is cooked, leave to cool down then flake it into your box
  9. Add in the veg & couscous… done!

TIP: You can also use rice, bulgar wheat or other similar grains as alternatives if you don’t like couscous 

Friday –  Red Onion & Bacon baguette

By the time it gets to Friday I fancy a chance from the salads and veggies so heres one of my quick to make & all time favourite Friday lunches…

Ingredients (for 1 Person):

  • 2 Mini wholemeal baguettes (or 1/2 a big baguette cut in 2)
  • 4 Slices of bacon
  • 2 Salad tomatoes 
  • Light mayo
  • 1/4 Red Onion 


  1. Cook the bacon in your preferred way 
  2. Cut the tomatoes & red onion into thin slices 
  3. Cut the baguette in half and place the bacon on the on the bottom half
  4. Lay the slices of tomatoes and onion on the bacon 
  5. Squirt some mayo on top & done!

TIP: This can be easily adapted to suit whatever you like in your baguettes and is so easy to make!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what my weekly lunches tend to look like!

Please leave me a comment below if you try out any of the recipes, I would love to know what you think of them!

Love From,

Chloé x


*NOTE: I am note a dietitian & I am not trying to imply what you should and shouldn’t eat, this is just an example of my lunches*


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