Five Ways To Get In The Christmas Spirit

With only 29 days to Christmas I am getting in the full festive swing! I have started to wrap presents, the house has been decorated and our Christmas plans have been made… all this combined fills me with so much excitement!

So as i’m high on the Christmas vibe right now I thought I’d share my five favourite festive things, which gets me into the Christmas Spirit…

1. Christmas Jumpers/Pyjamas 

It wouldn’t be Christmas without some cheesy Christmas clothing would it? I dig my festive pjs out at the first chance I get, they put me in such a fun festive mood I walk with a slight skip whenever I have them on. I also like to find a new jumper every year for Christmas jumper day (15th December 2017) and Christmas Day!

Here are some of my favourites from this year…

2. Festive Scents 

Walking in the front door to a winter fragrance filling the room instantly puts me in a good mood. I love how certain smells can remind you of special memories, so I always opt for a similar scent every year, normally ‘winter’ from The White Company as it just reminds me of Christmas and the spacial memories that comes with it. So as soon as our tree goes up, the new Candles and Diffusers also make an appearance. 

Here are some of my festive favourite smells…

3. Festive Nights Out

Something that always guarantees to put me in the festive spirit is making plans with family and friends for Christmas themed nights out. There are so many festive events now, we really are spoilt for choice, and it is the perfect excuse for a night out to up to catch up and have a good time! 

Here are a few of the places I’ve been to in the past that I am planning to visit again this year… (Mount Street Christmas light switch on)

4. Get Organised

I do not want to get all serious on the fun season ahead, but I find the best way to enjoy it is to not leave everything to the last minute. Don’t leave all of your Christmas shopping until the day before Christmas Eve, or leave it until the day before to book tickets for a night out and get disappointed when its all sold out! Make a list of stuff you need to do and organise nights out in advance so you aren’t left disappointed. Once thats done you can put your feet and really enjoy the lead up to the special day, as well as the day itself.

Here are some stationary ideas to help keep you organised…

5. Decorations

Last but not least… the BEST part about Christmas! Putting up your tree and going through all the carefully selected decorations you forgot about since last year, and turning your home into a mini Santa’s Grotto. Every year I end up buying more and more decorations as I truly believe you can never overdo it with Christmas decorations, it will always look great!

Here are some that I am loving this year…

Thank you for reading, I hope you are starting to feel festive…

Love From,

Chloé x


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