Five Christmas Gift Ideas

It is finally Christmas season, my favourite time of the year! I am a guilty early bird when it comes to Christmas shopping, I like to be all shopped and wrapped by December… I really hate last minute rushing around! I also just like to chill out and make the most of the festive season without worrying about the big day creeping up on me. So I thought i’d do a quick gift idea list incase your struggling for some inspiration!

  1. Fragrances 

I think buying someone a nice scent is such a classic, standard present, but theres a reason it has always been so popular over the years… everyone loves to smell good! A pretty bottle also always makes a dressing area look even fancier.

Here are a few of my favourites scents, some for him & her…

2. Technology 

We live in a generation where there is a constant stream of new gadgets being released and sometimes its hard to keep up with them all. However the majority of all new technologies are designed to make our lives easier and I’m all for that! There are now smart watches to keep track of your day whilst your on the move to the Amazon Echo which responds to your voice, which means you don’t even have to lift a finger to get things done.

Here are some great tech toys for all the family…

3. Days out

I believe that organising a day out means far more to some loved ones. Spending some time together and making memories that will last much longer than a material present. We can get so caught up in our day to day lives, its nice to organise a day out that you will both enjoy and to spend some quality time together.

Here are some ideas for a fun day out…

4. Make a Hamper

Know your loved ones well? Make a hamper of all their favourite things! You can make it as diverse and creative as you like, from food to wine or skincare. You can pick a theme depending on what they like, such as a ‘pamper night’ where you can get the essentials for a perfect night in. Include things such as face masks, some bubble bath, candles & wine… maybe even a good book? Maybe make them an ultimate food hamper, including all their favourite nibbles. All you need is a wicker basket, some tissue paper to pad out the bottom and then the goodies to fill it up.

Here are some pre-made hamper ideas…

5.  Personalised gifts

Another favourite of mine, because why get a standard present when you can get your name on it! There are so many personalised options now, I feel that it makes any gift that extra bit special.

Here are a few options…

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps you get in the Christmas spirit!

Love from,

Chloé x


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