Five Ways I Celebrated My 21st

The Big Birthday! So in June I turned the big 21 and I had the most amazing time celebrating! I was so spoilt by all my family and friends and I feel so lucky to have them all in my life.

Here is what we got up too…

1) My Cousin (who is more like my bestie) told me to keep a day free for a surprise day out that she had organised. I was so excited and was counting down the weeks and days… I LOVE surprises but when I know there is one coming I can’t stop thinking about it! So she took me to Sheesh in Chigwell where we had a beautiful lunch and a few cocktails (of course) before moving to a pub down the road. Just as we sat down and started our new round of drinks, I was totally surprised as our other three best friends walked in! I had no idea, she had planned it all! The four of us then carried on until our cheeks ached from laughing & our feet ached from dancing…

2) For my Birthday eve (which in my opinion, should also be celebrated!) my Mum and I went for lunch at Hutong which is at the Shard, we chose the lunch set menu and the food was amazing!  Luckily we were seated on a table right next to the window so we had the best views of the city. After a good catch up and a few wines we headed to our next destination of the day… WEMBLY! One of our Christmas presents last year from Adrian were tickets to see Adele! I am a huge fan of her and she definitely did not disappoint, she really interacts with the crowd and we were in stitches over how funny she is! I had wanted to see her live for sooooo long so I couldn’t believe we were finally there watching her! Singing her songs all the way to the station with the crowd we hopped on the train home to my parents house, where I stayed the night ready to wake up and continue the celebrations…

3) My mum is an absolute babe and went all out with the living room decorations, I had 21 presents, which were all numbered and I had strict instructions to open them in order! 

One of those presents were for us to have a mother and daughter photoshoot at our friends studio, we had so much fun and as we are close it’s such a lovely way to keep memories. 

4) We then went on a drive where I wasn’t allowed to know the destination…

As I walked to our table I got a huge shock (again) as some of my close family and friends all jumped out and surprised me! My mum had organised a beautiful afternoon tea for us all, we had the best time! Once we had finished we all jumped in the cars to go back to my parents where all the family were coming over for dinner, we all chilled together, well I say chilled, but it is a mad house when we are all together!

My beautiful cake made by my Nanny…

5) Finally to finish off the celebration my parents booked Centre Parcs for all my family for the weekend! So the next day we packed up our cars and all ventured off! We stayed there from Friday to Monday and had such a good time! Our weekend was full of activities and it was a trip I will never forget!  

My 21st Birthday was definitely one to remember… I wish I could turn 21 every year!

Thank you for reading…

Love from,

Chloe x 


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  1. Mum xx
    November 18, 2017 / 11:06 am

    This post on you celebrating your “21st” was lovely & I love you always xxxx 💕💕

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