Five Tips for a DIY Shabby Chic Table

When I first started looking at interiors and decorating I was split 50/50 between what type of style I preferred, the beige, neutral colour schemes or the modern fresh white and grey schemes.

So when it came to getting a new dining room table and chairs I looked online at various different websites and then scrolled for ages on Pintrest until I came across something that took my fancy! It’s the shabby chic style table with a wooden top then cream legs and chairs! The only downside was the price for it all. Once you add up the 6 chairs and table the price was coming to around £2,000… which was not in my budget!

After getting some inspiration from one of my favourite blogs ‘The home that made me’ I decided to shop around on places like Gumtree and eBay to find a secondhand pine wood table and chairs and attempt to renovate them myself with some chalk paint.

So after about 30 minutes of searching online I found the perfect table, a 6ft pine wood table with 6 matching chairs and was only 30 mins away for £150. Perfect!

I quickly contacted the seller through Gumtree and arranged a pick up time for the next day! If only everything in life can go this smoothly and to plan!

I then popped down to my local B&Q to get the materials I needed…

We picked it up easy enough and I was over the moon with the condition and how well it fit into the space I made for it, all that was left to do now was the painting!

So I got up early Saturday morning chucked on some old clothes, turned on the radio and started!

First I sanded down all the chairs and then the table legs. Once this was done I gave it a wipe over to get rid of all the dust.

Next it was time to paint! I used a normal paintbrush and started on the table legs before moving to the chairs.

I managed to get the sanding and first coat done in one day and was so pleased with how it was going! I then called two of my best friends and roped them into coming to help me the next day… thanks girls!

By the end of Sunday we had finished!

I am so happy with the final result and I am so glad I chose to just give DIY ago, this definitely will not be my last attempt.

Looking back now I wish I took more photos, but I was so excited to start I just forgot. Anyway here are the few I did take so you can see the before and after!



Attempting to upscale furniture yourself for the first time can be scary, but it is so rewarding once completed! I am definitely no expert but after doing this for the first time my tips would be…

  1. Watch a few Youtube videos on how the pros prep & paint (I always think watching someone do it first gives you a better idea)
  2. Take your time… Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that! It will look its best if you give it time to dry properly in-between each coat
  3. Get some good music playing in the background to keep you entertained, after the first few hours it can get a bit boring
  4. If you get bored easily ask a friend or family member to help… a job shared is a job halved!
  5. Shop around, read up on different paint types and colour shades to get exactly what your after

So if you are wanting to upscale some furniture yourself, just give it a go!


I hope you have enjoyed this post, please leave a comment below if you have any of your own tips that might help me out next time I give it another go!

Love from,
Chloe x


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