My Five Dream Destinations

I am the type of person who loves to write lists, I literally have a list for everything! It is the only way I can keep myself organised, and as I don’t have a photographic memory its how I don’t forget all the important stuff.

My all time favourite list is my travel bucket list, whenever I hear about, or see a place I’d like to visit I add it to my ever growing “travel bucket list”. 

 So here are my top 5 bucket list destinations and my reasons for wanting to go…

  1. Australia 

So lets start with the furthest possible place to go… Australia!  This has been on my list for years now, not only do I want to go and see all the famous landmarks but I also want to experience their way of life. Aussies seem so chilled and relaxed I’d love to just spend some time seeing how their day to day lives differ from us Londoners.

As there is soooooo much to do in Australia here are a few of my must do’s:

  • Go snorkelling to see the great barrier reef 
  • Visit the Sydney Harbour Bridge & Sydney Opera House 
  • Travel to Whitsundays Island to see the picture perfect beaches & attempt hiking
  • Taronga Zoo, you cant go to Australia and not see a Kangaroo!

2.   Iceland

My main reason for Iceland is because I would love, love, loveeee to see the northern lights, however I do need to research some more and find out the prime time to go as I want the best chance at seeing them as it’s not always guaranteed! Another must do in Iceland is the Blue Lagoon which is geothermal spa. It seems so fun to be in a huge naturally hot pool while it is freezing outside! It will definitely be a new experience and something fun to tick off my bucket list!

3.   Bahamas 

Now the Bahamas… I mean you only have to look at photos of the place to see why it would be on anyones bucket list!! Crystal clear waters and the whitest, softest looking sand ever! After doing some dream holiday searching I read that the Bahamas is actually made up of 700 islands, of which only 30 are inhabited! My main reason for wanting to go to the Bahamas is because of their island ‘Big Major City’. Why this particular island out of all the 700 you may ask? Well, this island is home to pigs, yes real life pigs! Living the high life these pigs are the perfect beach bums that spend their days swimming, chilling and sleeping on this island and have become a huge tourist attraction. How can this not be on everyones bucket list? Pigs living on one of the most beautiful island in the world, I never thought I could be jealous of a pig before discovering “Big Major City”!

4.   Scotland

Number 4 is slightly closer to home in more ways that one… I have always wanted to go to Scotland as my Grandad was from Glasgow so I would love to visit his hometown and learn more about his childhood! I also want to experience their traditions and visit some of their famous castles. Another reason is that my Grandad watched the Edinburgh tattoo religiously every year and I have always said it is something I’d love to see in real life and not just on the TV. So if I ever get the chance to visit Scotland I’d love to plan it around when the tattoo is happening. For those of you who have never heard of it before go check it out now! The Edinburgh tattoo is an artistic performance by British Armed Forces, Commonwealth and International military bands. It is so well planned and performed I cant even imagine howlong it takes to perfect, it still manages to fascinate me every after year!

5.  Safari in Kenya

Last but not least, Kenya! I am an animal lover and I am desperate to go on a safari to see all the animals in their natural habitats. However the main attraction comes from my love of giraffes, I have always loved them and it is guaranteed that at christmas or my birthday I always get a giraffe related present! I was scrolling through Pinterest one day and discovered my dream hotel… EVER! Giraffe Manor, which is in Kenya and is a boutique hotel calling all Giraffe lovers. This unique hotel is home to around 20 giraffes that are free to roam around as they please, however they have grown accustomed to the feeding schedule so will always return at the same time for their dinners. You can feed the giraffes yourself, sometimes even while you are eating your breakfast… they pop their heads in through the windows on the look out forsome food! I honestly cant think of a better breakfast guest! 


There are many, many more destinations on my bucket list but if I didn’t limit it to my top 5 I would be here all day! I hope you have enjoyed reading about them and I hope that it has given you some inspiration for your own holiday bucket lists!

Love From,

Chloé x


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